January 31, 2014
January 25, 2014

Real Talk from my Boss

1. I think we need to remember Justin Bieber.
2. Give the baby a shot of martini.

January 24, 2014

"But I didn’t save him."

"You couldn’t have."


Daniel Alarcon, At Night We Walk In Circles

January 22, 2014
(via Rag & Bone Kayla Top | La Garçonne)

ugh go to bed already

(via Rag & Bone Kayla Top | La Garçonne)

ugh go to bed already

More Than This - Roxy Music

Perfect song for early mornings

January 21, 2014
i need to stop eating gelato and go to bed
things i say to matt, who responds “lol story of ur life”
January 15, 2014

Some things in this world just ain’t meant to be, not in the times we want ‘em to, and the heart has to hold it in this world as a remembrance, a promise for the world that’s to come.

James McBride, The Good Lord Bird

January 6, 2014

I mean, how could I not?

Of course I will handle your cases while you donate part of your kidney to your child! 

January 4, 2014

Moving Day

  • L: "I'm just bad at..."
  • P: "Making decisions."
  • L: "I was going to say spatial visualization, but yes, that too."
December 25, 2013

Way To Go Past Selves

1. My past self put an apple and a delicious yogurt in the fridge in my office.

2. K’s past self sent me an e-mail titled “for the future” that contains only a picture of an octopus eating a seagull.